Welcome to Glow!

What We Do

At The Glow Group, we are a small, diverse team of 12, dedicated to delivering a highest standard of service.
Whether it is installation, servicing or repairs, our locally based team are always on hand to get your heating problems resolved safely, conveniently, and affordably. Our vision is to change the negative perceptions sometimes associated with trade businesses. We are striving to do this to help raise standards in the industry and we aim to do this by consistently delivering a reliable, honest and high quality service.
We are a team of people that takes pride in the quality of our work and with our defined quality control policies and safety checks in place, we can guarantee the highest quality of service every time.
We offer a range of different services, from ongoing boiler cover to one-off repairs, boiler replacements or full central heating installations. We aim to meet the needs of individual customers and we pride ourselves on being respectful, responsible, and our staff aren’t afraid to go above and beyond.
Finally, we believe we all have a part to play in combating climate change. That’s why we plant a tree for every boiler we service to help reduce our carbon footprint. See our boiler service page for more information on this.
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Our Mission

Why We Do It

We believe in a world where excellent customer service is central to everything we do, and where lifelong relationships between us and our customers are formed.
Every day we strive to create a business that is available, accessible, and affordable to all people within our local community.
Every day we serve to educate and empower our employees to give them the motivation, knowledge, and confidence to provide top quality customer service.
Finally, every day we care, we ​deliver, and we cooperate
Our Mission at The Glow Group is to provide a superior quality of service where customers recommend us to family and friends, where staff are proud to work and where we lead the way, for others to follow.

Our hard-working team is made up of 4 dedicated office members, 5 highly skilled engineers and 2 eager apprentices! At Glow, we are continuously looking to grow and improve our services to customers and investing in our people is key!