Central Heating Power Flush

Powerflush Service in Lincoln

Prolong the life of your boiler with a powerflush from Glow Heating Services in Lincoln.

A large number of boiler breakdown call outs are due to dirty water and sludge within the boiler system. Prevent yours from breaking down with a powerflush.

Power flushing your central heating system

When dirt and sludge builds up within your central heating system it can have a significant effect on how well your boiler runs. A central heating powerflush is a great way to clean out your system and make sure your boiler is working at its best.

The only way to give your system a new lease of life! Starting from – £490, including a lifetime guarantee (Terms apply) and FREE installation of central heating filter.

Glow heating engineer services radiator

Introducing our NOSTROM cleansing unit

By connecting our NORSTROM cleansing unit on to your heating system and cleansing all pipe work, boiler and each radiator individually, we’ll keep your system in tip top condition.

It connects onto the system in replacement of the pump and from there it acts as the boilers pump withstanding temperatures up to 80 degrees! With two of the strongest magnets on the market our machine will make light work of contaminated systems.

How does powerflushing work?

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