Trick or Treat yourself to a new boiler

Halloween might only come around once a year, but boiler breakdowns can happen unexpectedly throughout the year… boo.
So, this month we thought we’d talk to you about the importance of boiler maintenance and how to tell, you could be in need of a brand spanking new boiler!
Trick (more like a tip): Giving your boiler some annual, tender love and care (boiler service) you can prolong the life of your boiler!
Treat: Inevitability there will come a time when your boiler will have reached the end of its life and the only thing you can do is replace it… So why not treat yourself this winter!

Why service the boiler?

Our engineers see lots of heating systems which haven’t had a regular service which over time, has placed stress on the appliance and resulted in unnecessary breakdowns.
We understand that boiler maintenance isn’t at the forefront of your mind, especially with your busy lifestyle, but that’s why Glow has got your back!
Join one of our GlowPlus plans from as little as £18 per month and we’ll remind you every year when it’s time to give your boiler some TLC – it will also mean you’re covered if you do have any unavoidable breakdowns!

Reasons to consider treating yourself to a new boiler

1. Your boiler is constantly breaking down and you find yourself calling out a Gas Safe Engineer time after time
2. Replacement parts are expensive. This is probably because the age of the boiler means the parts are not as readily available
3. Your boiler and central heating system is making noises that are not the familiar, normal noises
4. Your bills are increasing, and you aren’t using extra heating
5. The blue flame in your boiler is burning yellow
6. Boiler is leaking water
7. Bad smells when your boiler is on
It is important to remember that if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it might not mean you need to a new boiler! A good service, repair or powerflush could rectify the problems
By contacting Glow, we’ll send a Gas Safe Engineer to your property to assess your current system and recommend the next steps.
We operate across Lincolnshire, providing an industry leading service at a local level!
Please get in touch with us on 01522 300 744 to discuss your options, it might be that your boiler is in perfect condition and a Glow Plus plan might be the solution to ensuring we prolong the life of the boiler and offer you peace of mind all year round.
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