TIP TUESDAY: Condensate Pipes

In this week’s Tip Tuesday, we discuss condensate pipes and the ginormous benefits of Condensate Pro – a relatively new product, revolutionising the way we fit condensate boilers.

Why condensate pipes are prone to freezing?

On the market for over 10 years now, condensing or ‘condensate’ boilers work much alike conventional gas boilers, only better. By reusing heat from the flue gases; they utilise energy WAY more efficiently.
During this process, the boiler generates residual water vapour which cools to leave ‘condensate’. The left-over condensate then politely exits the house through a condensate pipe and out through your wastewater system. The condensate pipe takes condensation from your boiler to your outside drain. It’s usually a plastic pipe – grey or white – that travels from your boiler through the wall directly outside where your boiler sits.

And this is where things get tricky; since the outlet pipe for the condensate is usually outside, its exposure to the elements makes it vulnerable. Cue a snap of icy cold; causing the condensate within the pipe to freeze – creating a blockage which causes your boiler to break down.

CUE CONDENSATE PRO – Insulation of the plumbing gods! Designed to withstand temperatures down to -18°c, for up to 18 hours!!

We hope this has been useful! If anyone has a boiler quandary in need of clarification, please pop it in the comments below, and we’ll feature you in a forthcoming episode.

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