TIP TUESDAY: Earth Bonding

In this week’s Tip Tuesday, Jack talks EARTH BONDING. Nothing yogic or crystal orientated – it’s the safety device which earths your system, should it ever becomes live on the gas pipework.

The main earth bonding for the gas pipe – the green and yellow wiring – should occur after the gas meter in 10mm bonding – before the 1st tee off, and no more than 60cm away. Commonly, we find the earth bonding isn’t in the correct position OR sometimes it’s nowhere to be seen!

A sound engineer will alert you to any problems with your earth bonding; allowing you to make an informed decision regarding your gas meter.

We hope this has been useful! If anyone has a boiler quandary in need of clarification, please pop it in the comments below, and we’ll feature you in a forthcoming episode. Big love.

Tip Tuesday

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