TIP TUESDAY: Tips and Tricks

After a lengthy hiatus – TIP TUESDAY IS BACK!

With this feature, we hope to offer insightful tips and tricks – assisting you in navigating your boiler while saving money and keeping it running efficiently and safely.

​​If you have a question, you’d like Jack to answer, or a boiler puzzle you’d like him to solve – please leave it in the comments below! In this week’s Tip Tuesday, Jack talks condensate sumps and shows off the inside of a boiler!

The Magic Of Condensing Boilers

Designed to increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, condensing technology in oil or gas boilers also saves you a s**t load of money – in a detached home, up to £300 a year!!.

In the UK, this feature is mandatory because condensing boilers are a WHOPPING 90 per cent more efficient, leaving past models in the dust! However, to reap these benefits on an ongoing basis, guess what? You’ll need to look after that baby! Keeping it in good condition is essential – especially the condensate sump. And, guess what again?! A regular service will keep this in check!

Enjoy the video – we hope you find it useful.

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