6 Simple Ways Of Supporting Small Businesses Through The COVID 19 Pandemic

Supporting small businesses has never been more vital. The coronavirus has rendered the entire world at an economic, and interpersonal standstill. For now, life as we knew it ceases to exist.

With vital restrictions slowly lifting, but still influencing all aspects of everyday living, small businesses may now be feeling the effects – with jobs and livelihoods in jeopardy.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom! With this significant shift and a unique set of circumstances, has come a wave of innovation and creativity! With business owners left in totally new territory – it’s been a case of adapt and evolve or fade to black.

And, there are MANY things we can all do to support our favourite small businesses. We want to ensure they’re still there when we all come out of our isolation hibernation.

6 Ways Of Supporting Small Businesses

1. Write A Positive Review

Your opinion is crucial to building the reputation of a small or new business. Your feedback means potential customers will be able to pick out the reputable guys, from the cowboys. Something that, in the past, was done through word of mouth alone.

And, the more people can clearly define, and opt for the good guys, the more business they attract, the more reviews they garner – and thus their online community and reputation grows.

Google and Facebook reviews are where it’s at – go on, don’t be shy!

2. Tell Your Friends And Family

Now this one is SUPER EASY. If you’ve had a positive experience with a smaller business – pass it on! Share the love.

Although, weirdly, it’s easier and more satisfying for us as humans to talk about a terrible experience than a great one! Let’s change that!

3. Follow Your Fave Small Business On Social Media

This one is also pretty easy – think of all the Instagram trawling we do, and Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn.

Why not take a few moments to find your favourite small business and give them a wave and a follow.

4. Engage With Their Posts – Share Stories etc

Active engagement on small businesses social media accounts is vital for those sweet algorithm wins. The better they score; the more they are visible to the world. And as we all know – the internet is a vast ocean – so any flashy virtual lights or jingly bells you can help your favourite small business garner, the better!

5. Give Them A Shoutout

With many small businesses leaping on the e-commerce wagon or upping their online presence during the pandemic – Instagram and Facebook have lent themselves perfectly to aid in their survival.

If you have a favourite small business – maybe your local bagel store, or boiler guy, or gym – shout about them! Make a fuss about them and throw them some kudos for their hard work.

Share their Instagram stories to your following. Send out some smoke signals! Whatever you do, do it quick!

6. Book In A Future Service

Scheduling a service for a later date provides small businesses with the assurance they have future work. Paying upfront could help them stay afloat during the storm. If the lockdown is still in place by the time your appointment rolls around, you can rearrange. Simple.

If your favourite small business happens to be essential front-line trade – there’s a high chance they’ve been working through the entire pandemic.

Boiler guys, electricians, plumbers, food delivery services etc., have been quietly keeping our houses and appliances in working order as we spend more time in our abodes than ever before!

Any reputable tradesperson will be adhering to government guidelines to keep you, and them safe from COVID 19. As long as you feel safe, and you’re not exhibiting any symptoms – you can go ahead and keep their business going, business as usual.


Whether boosting their social media activity, celebrating their awesomeness and sharing their name, or leaving a review or booking a service; it all helps.

All of these simple gestures can alleviate some pressure and anxiety from small business proprietors.

Your kind gesture could be the difference between seeing your favourite small business re-open their doors, or very sadly, not make it through.

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