4 Simple Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Boiler (Saving You Cash For The Finer Things In Life!)

Let’s admit it; we’d all like to know the secret of eternal youth. But how much do you think about extending the life of your boiler?

As central heating specialists in Lincoln, we’ve seen our fair share of boiler malfunctions and central heating dramas – and we appreciate the cost involved when yours suffers a breakdown.

As down to earth human beings, we also assume, that when you dream about spending your hard-earned cash – you’re dreaming of tropical beaches, eternal youth face creams, lobster dinners, and baths overflowing with champagne – NOT boilers.

However, even though decidedly unglamorous when compared to a champagne bath, your boiler IS an ESSENTIAL item. It’s also a costly appliance to buy or fix when things go awry.

In this week’s blog, we divulge our top tips for lengthening your boilers life and minimising repair costs (leaving your savings for the finer things in life).

Glow’s Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Boiler

1. Schedule An Annual Boiler Service

Just like your car, your boiler needs an annual boiler service; it’s a must for maintaining optimum boiler health, and efficiency. During your service, any small or underlying issues can be rooted out early, before they grow into something more sinister and costly.

Your annual boiler service will be carried out by a skilled, and Gas Safe registered technician. At Glow Heating Services, we provide boiler servicing for Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Our engineers will show you their ID and Gas Safe registration. If you chance upon an engineer who fails to do this – you can check online via the Gas Safe Register.

What happens during a boiler service?

Engineers are like a box of chocolates; you never know who you’re going to get. However, regardless of size, shape or sense of humour – there’s a standard list of checks that every engineer should carry out. These include:

  • Visual Inspection – The engineer will give your boiler a damn good eyeballing. Here, he/she will thoroughly inspect your appliance, its casing, its seals, and its main internal components. The engineer should also check for any leaks or corrosion.
  • Electrical connections – Dodgy connections will prevent your boiler from working and are potentially dangerous. A sound engineer will check all appliances have a proper and working earthing.
  • Controls – Your engineer should check that the boiler’s control panel is in good working order.
  • Water and gas pipework – Your engineer should ensure your pipework is fully functioning, and compliant with regulations while being on the lookout for any possible leaks or issues.
  • Pressure Flow – Your technician will test to see if the working pressure is that of the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Flue Releases – Here, your engineer will examine with a gas analyser that the boiler is combusting fuel to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Safety devices – your boiler has various safety devices. Checking the gas valve and the pressure relief aren’t corroded, and are in working order is vital.

How much does a boiler service cost?

The price of service varies depending on the type of boiler, the area you live in and the company you want. To book a boiler service in Lincoln, at Glow Heating Services, we charge £69, and you don’t need to be a GlowPlus member to book.

Committed to customer care, we also go the extra mile and carry out an expansion vessel pressure check. It’s not industry standard to do this additional check, but a vast amount of boiler breakdowns are due to low-pressure expansion vessels, and this check could prevent future failures.

*Annual servicing of your boiler is a necessity to keep up with your manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty. Failure to provide a service history may void your guarantee/warranty.

2. Bleed Your Radiators

Combi boilers have a build-in AAV (Automatic Air Vent) inside it which relieves any air that finds its way in throughout the year. However, regardless of the vent, sometimes that air will sneak its way to the radiators.

It’s pretty straightforward to tell if there’s air in the radiator; there will be a cold patch at the top, where the air is sitting. This problem is easy to fix; you need to bleed your radiator using a radiator key.

Using the bleed point at the top of the radiator, slot in your key, turn it, and you should hear air coming out. Keep an old towel handy for this – as you don’t want to spill any water. Once the air is out, water will follow. Job done.


3. Install A Magnetic Filter

Over time your central heating system accumulates a fair amount of sludge, rust and silt. If this metallic sludge passes into your boiler it can cause a whole host of problems. A magnetic filter will stop this debris in its tracks  – extending the life of your boiler and protecting it from damage.

Connected to the return pipework of your central heating system; the filter contains a powerful magnet which seizes any sludge that builds up in the system. These filters require cleaning out during your annual service. A trained heating engineer will ensure this happens.

4. Keep Your Boiler Ticking Over Through The Summer

Just like a car, or bike, or anything with a sophisticated engine – when left untouched, over time, your boiler might seize up. Switching your heating on now and then throughout the summer will get that central heating water circulating and keep everything tickety boo.

Most new combi boilers have a ‘summer setting’; this only requires hot water, so you don’t need to sweat it out for a day! Your central heating systems myriad mechanical and electrical components don’t respond well to long periods of inaction and benefit hugely from this ticking over. It also helps stop the sludge and metals from building up in one place; namely your radiator, around the vital components.


Combi boilers have a lifespan of 12-15 years; by implementing these tips to your boiler/central heating system, you stand a good chance of  A. ensuring the survival of your system, and B. extending the life of your boiler.

At Glow, we live by the mantra; prevention is better than cure; so if you’re looking for a boiler service in Lincoln, we’ll be round in a flash! We understand the value of this simple act, and that by regularly servicing your boiler and central heating system, you’ll avoid significant and costly difficulties.

In addition to our pointers, we recommend a power flush. During this process, a power flushing machine is attached to your system and used to blast sludge build-up with high-pressure water flow combined with a powerful system cleaning agent. This service is excellent for an older system, but not necessary if yours is brand spanking new.

In the meantime, yay for boiler care! The hero of your household appliances!

Boiler service near me?

Look no further! To book in for a boiler service in Lincoln, call us on 01522 300744. At Glow, we specialise in central heating systems; for any problems or concerns, feel free to give us a call or contact us via email. With customer care at the heart of all that we do, we’re always happy to help.

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