Choosing The Right Boiler For Your Home – Glow’s Top 4 Tips For The Perfect Match

Choosing the right boiler for your home can seem a daunting task; chiefly because many of us know very little about our boiler – let alone anything about brands, quirks or energy ratings. Our boilers are strangers in their own homes and guess what, strangers are scary.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! In this blog, we aim to change this culture of unfamiliarity. We want to eliminate doubt and aid you in finding the right boiler for your home. Think of us as boiler matchmakers; Tinder for boiler seekers. We’ll be introducing you to a few characters; one of which could be the perfect match for YOU! 

Choosing The Right Boiler For Your Home

Boiler Types – What’s Yours?

Many factors come into play when deciding on the perfect boiler, and with so many models and brands out there – making that choice can feel overwhelming. However, fear not; there are only three principal boiler types; the System, Combi and Conventional boilers. Not so scary after all. 

1.The Conventional Boiler

If the Combi boiler system was Elijah Wood (slender and slight), the conventional boiler is Tom Hardy (big and buff). These systems are probably the most common type of existing systems in place up and down the country – a classic, some might say. Due to their need for both hot and cold water feeder tanks – they require a little more airing cupboard space, but the boiler itself is neat and compact. However, while their powerful physique and incredible heating capabilities are a larger homes wet dream; the system might be OTT for someone in a smaller abode. 

2.The System Boiler

Fitted into your house; a system boiler features a separate cylinder to store hot water. The boilers main heating components are inbuilt; however, having the separate cylinder to store the hot water makes it possible to provide a constant supply of hot water to a vast number of sources, simultaneously. This capability makes the system boiler perfect for a house with multiple bathrooms and lots of humans vying for the shower!  

3.The Combi Boiler

Combi boilers, AKA combination boilers, are the most popular of the boiler types. If they were a person, they’d have a huge Instagram following and potentially, an ego to match. 

Combi boilers are highly effective because they heat water directly from the mains. With no separate tank, the water flows directly from the central system, and with the flick of a switch, you have hot water. Hey, presto! Combi boilers are excellent for homes with one bathroom. Any more and they tend to struggle.

Aside from their witty banter, good looks and superb efficiency, they’re also conveniently sized. Being the youthful model of today, the combi is super streamlined, toned and tiny – leaving you extra space in your airing cupboard for other fun stuff.  

Efficiency Rating

This point goes without saying, but we’ll say it regardless! Energy efficiency is a crucial factor and should be at the forefront of your decision making. Energy efficiency is essential; it means you’ll be saving money as your boiler is capable of doing lots of heating, with minimal output. It also means a way lower carbon footprint. What you’re ideally looking for is ”A” grade efficiency; meaning that they are incredibly efficient on energy usage. Up to 90% more productive, in fact! Most new boiler models will have this rating. 

Life span

Another point to be mindful of when making your boiler selection is the life expectancy of those models. While going for the cheapest option may seem like the thing to do, it’s a false economy in the long run. Way more prone to breaking down, a boiler with a lower price tag will result in repair costs later on down the track. 

Opting for a reputable brand will ensure fewer problems; it’s a fact. However, while it’s not a magical Willy Wonker Gold ticket 100% guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong – it does mean peace of mind that you’ve invested in a quality product that’ll stand the test of time.  

Boiler Brands – DO YOUR HOMEWORK

Just like any industry; the boiler world has its fair share of brands. And, just like with any piece of tech, or appliance, or vehicle; each brand has something unique to offer. This myriad of choice can appear daunting. 

However, a straightforward rule will bring clarity and understanding to your decision making; research. When making your choice, it’s well worth researching multiple brands to see what shines about each one, and which will best suit your needs. Set aside time to conduct your research thoroughly, this boiler will be with you for the next decade; you’ll want to get on!

Here are some of the most popular, most recommended, and most reputable UK brands;


Selecting the right boiler for your home depends on a few simple factors; the number of bathrooms in your house, your budget and the energy efficiency of the new boiler. 

Take your time, keep these determinants in mind, and do your research and before you know it, you and your perfectly matched boiler will be walking away together into the sunset. Fade to black. 

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