5 Simple Energy Saving Hacks For Your Grooming Routine

Whether manscaping or beautifying, energy saving on your grooming routine is simple. An unplug here, and a different heat setting there, and bob’s your uncle, you’ve saved enough money to treat yourself to something nice.

Moreover, as our planet and environment face challenges like never before, if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint; your household appliances are a great place to start making a difference.

From hair dryers to electric razors, to straighteners and epilators – our grooming accessories can tot up the household energy consumption like crazy. If you live in a share house, or with a large family; this consumption can escalate quickly and wildly.

And don’t forget your boiler! All those hair washes, via bath or shower, are cranking your heating system; and if it’s out of shape, it’ll be having a dire effect on your bills. However, scheduling a yearly service will eliminate that worry.

In this bite-sized how-to guide, we’ll reveal our top energy saving hacks, sure to help the planet and save your pennies.

Five Energy Saving Hacks For Your Grooming Routine


Whether shaping your beard, curling your tash, or drying your tresses – hairdryers are essential. Surprisingly, this popular household item is incredibly energy-hungry. To save cash – we recommend using your hair dryer’s cool setting. It’ll save energy, and protect your hair from drying out too. Investing in a lower wattage, or cutting edge technology dryer will also knock a few pounds off the bills.

2.Washing Your Hair

Did you know? When washing your hair, you remove the scalps natural oils – essential to healthy follicles. So, naturally, the more you wash, the more oil your scalp produces to replace what you washed out! It may seem crazy, but twice a week is the optimum wash cycle. Cutting out a few washes saves time, water, shampoo, energy, AND your locks.

3. Don’t Forget Your Boiler Service!

Linked closer to hair washing than you ever contemplate, is the humble boiler. Your boiler heats that steamy shower and makes washing your hair such a delicious experience. Without it, a shampoo party with your barnet just wouldn’t be the same!

If your boiler is nearing ten years old or is suffering from neglect – it won’t be too efficient on energy; meaning costly bills and big ol’ carbon footprints. By having your boiler serviced once a year, you’ll be sure that it’s working at optimum efficiency, it’s 100% safe, and you’re doing your best to reduce carbon emissions.

4.Hair Straighteners

Straightening irons – the ultimate weapon in your hair taming armada! After use – save energy by turning the plug off at the mains. Leaving things plugged in, but switched off, surprisingly still allows for the flow of power. Aside from costing you, over time, this will ruin your tool. Investing in a new model will also save you a few pennies – brands such as GHD have a built-in shutdown mechanism; so if they’ve been idle for 30 mins or so, they’ll automatically shut down.

5.Light Up Mirrors

How many times have you left the house with streaky make-up, or a chin hair you failed to spot in the half-light of your hallway mirror, or escaping ear hair long enough for Rapunzel’s prince to climb (this one’s definitely for the male of the species). Whether tweezering out nostril hairs or applying makeup, without proper light; you’re screwed. While Hollywood style makeup mirrors are tempting, and kinda’ cool; NOTHING beats natural light. Pop yourself in front of a window and enjoy not spending a penny!


Getting into the habit of energy-awareness will save you LOTS of money on your utility bills. It’ll also contribute to the global reduction of carbon emissions. Regardless of the appliance, when not in use, unplug or switch off at the mains.

Protect your scalp and follicles from drying out by cutting down on your hair washes. You’ll also save on shampoo costs, your water bill and on time! Moreover, schedule a boiler service to ensure your heating system is working to the best of is abilities. An efficient boiler means cheaper bills!

And don’t forget, save the planet and your tresses by cooling down that hairdryer – and if you want to go full green, dry your hair outside in the sun or wind! Simple hacks for a complicated world.

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