10 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bills While In Lockdown

Heading into our second month of lockdown, and some of us may have noticed a rather nasty spike in the energy bills. Hardly surprising, with everyone at home an extra 8 hours a day; the kids hardwired into CBeebies, and multiple laptops and devices humming as you boldly attempt to work amidst pandemic induced chaos.

Throw in home-cooked dinners every day of the week, the dishwasher, TV, radio, hairdryers, washing machine, the kettle (for your 100 cups of tea a day), and you’ve got yourself a utility bill large enough to make a Rockefeller’s eyes water. The national grid must be having a party!

Here are our top ten tips to save money on your bills while working from home, as we wait out Storm Corona.

1. Upgrade Your Boiler

Sadly, boilers don’t age like a fine wine, or become more distinguished, or start to resemble George Clooney. If your boiler is an older model (or coming up to its 20th year), chances are it’s not working efficiently. To see dramatical reductions in your heating bills each year; it could be worth investing in a sparkly new one.

2. Be An Energy-Saving Wizard

All those delicious home-cooked lock-down dinners, unfortunately, mean lots more washing up. If you’re lucky enough to own a dishwasher, opt for the eco-wash; this setting heats the water more efficiently at lower temperatures.

Are all your lightbulbs of the energy-saving variety? If your answer is no, then why the heck not?! Eco light bulbs have been around since 1995. Anyone still using incandescent lightbulbs should be arrested for crimes against the planet, and their wallets.

If you live with a family of high maintenance hair wearers, there are several ways you can save energy and money on bills. For example; drying your hair on a cooler setting will not only save your wallet from destitution, but it’ll also prevent your follicles from frazzling. Washing your mane on a lower temperature is also proven to benefit your locks and scalp, and prevent drying. And if you want to go full eco-warrior – use refillable shampoo bottles and hit up your local plastic-free proprietor.

3. Save On Energy Bills – Book In A Boiler Service

Is your boiler due to having its annual service? As long as you’re not presenting any symptoms and are comfortable with an engineer in the house, get it done! A yearly ‘MOT’ is essential for the smooth running of your system. A well-maintained boiler will work efficiently and safely. Make sure your designated engineer is reputable, Gas Safe registered and will be wearing the appropriate PPE.

4. Embrace Technology

Smart thermostats are the future – and the future is now! Like a central heating sorcerer; a smart thermostat allows you to control your heating remotely. Moreover, some will memorise your usual temperature settings and create a schedule automatically – saving you valuable energy and money.

5. Embrace The Sunshine!

We’ve all heard the saying, the best things in life are free; well guess what? That great big ball of flames in the sky, affectionately known as the Sun; well, not only does it light up our house and fill us with joy, it also soaks us in vitamin D – and all gratis!

So, unless you live in a cave, resist turning on the lights, fling open your curtains each morning and bask in that glorious solar brilliance. That’s your lighting and vitamin D intake covered for the day, plus the drying of your clothes, your suntan, and the growth of your new apocalypse veggie patch!

6. Cook Smart

With 24-hour access to your fridge and cooking space – working from home is a dream-come-true scenario for some. With a fully loaded kitchen at your fingertips, weekday lunches have never looked so good! However, to prevent energy wastage, when cooking on the hob always make sure you use a lid on your pans. The lid locks in the heat – allowing you to cook more efficiently, and serve Master Chef standard lunches, without burning a hole in your purse.

7. Switch Energy Provider

With a little extra spare time on your hands now would be an excellent time to switch energy providers. Have a shop around; with wholesale energy prices crashed-out due to the pandemic, you could potentially save hundreds of pounds a year.

8. Nominate An Energy-Saving Overlord

This tip is possibly the most simple, yet most often forgotten; switch things off! Getting into the habit of systematically switching off appliances and devices is a fantastic and easy way to keep your energy use down. If you have a large family; maybe nominate somebody as the energy-police and make it fun.

9. Be kettle-Wise

From caffeination to pure procrastination; during this lockdown tea frenzy, your kettle must be cowering in its socket, silently screaming as your loom ominously, finger poised for another boil, and yet another cuppa. To save on energy, only fill the pot with as much water as you need.

10. Upgrade Your Boiler

Sadly, boilers don’t age like a fine wine, or become more distinguished, or start to resemble George Clooney. If your boiler is an older model or coming up to its 20th year, chances are it’s not working efficiently. To see major reductions in your heating bills; it could be worth investing in a sparkly new one.

If you’re interested in having Hive Active Heating installed into your home, or in a boiler upgrade or service, contact us today. The team at Glow heating services Lincoln is always happy to help.