7 Excellent Bath Benefits That Boiler Cover Brings

By calling on your local heating services company for regular boiler maintenance, your system will continue to work safely and efficiently – providing you with the hot water essential for a healing bath, among other things.

At Glow Heating Services, we offer five separate boiler cover plans, all including unlimited callouts. So no matter the size of your family or your living situation, there’s a care package for everyone. Many people ask, “is boiler service worth it?”, we say YES! Prevention is better than cure, and who likes a cold bath?!

Hot Baths Are The BEST

After a hard day, a soothing bath can melt your troubles away. But did you know that it can help boost your physical health too? Not only that, but a soak in the tub can also support mental health, soothe sore muscles and improve your circulation too.

Experts tout that the optimal bath should last for 10-20 minutes at a temperature of about 32C-35C. This temperature – the perfect balance – promotes perspiration which aids in the release of toxins. That’s some potent purifying power, right there!

Here are seven reasons to skip the shower in exchange for a hot bubble bath.

1. Bathing Can Improve Heart Health And Promote Eternal Youth!

Taking a warm bath will elevate your heart rate – giving it a healthy workout. This kind of ‘good stress’ is excellent news for your body – even on a molecular level. While your calls are under pressure, they go into healing overdrive and generate fresh layers of YOU – keeping your sacred vessel fresh and youthful! Touted as a fantastic health benefit; saunas and baths are the best way to get your hit of steamy youthfulness.

2. Taking A Bath Can Help You Sleep At Night

It’s science! To slip off sweetly to the land of nod; your body must drop in temperature. The ideal temperature for entering your sleep cycle is between 60 and 67 degrees. Hop in a hot bath a couple of hours before bed, and once you’re out and wrapped in a towel, your body will quickly release that excess heat. This rapid drop in temperature will kick start the sleepy process, and you should find yourself nodding off nicely.

3. A Hot Bath Can Help You To Breathe Easier

Soaking in a steamy tub can aid your lung capacity and boost oxygen intake. When the water is warm, and your heart beats faster, your oxygen intake increases and the steam created can help to clear your sinuses and chest temporarily. This steam therapy can offer relief from chest infections and lung problems.

4. Give Your Cerebellum And Nervous System A Break – Take A Hot Bath!

Submergence in water calms the nervous system, reducing the levels of cortisol – a hormone produced by the body during stressful and anxiety-laden experiences, which would explain why people have been doing it for centuries! It’s like raking the zen gravel garden of your mind – post-soak and free of stress hormones – your body and soul are left balanced and tranquil. OMMMMMMM.

5. Bathing Can Benefit Your Body Parts – And Help You Achieve The ‘Bruce Lee’ Body

For those in need of a low impact workout – aqua aerobics are a fantastic option. While this isn’t a bath per se – there’s still a link – so we’re running with it! Stretching and moving in water is easy on the joints, muscles and bones, yet still provides an excellent resistance workout. Awesome for the elderly, people recovering from an injury or anyone who just birthed a small human.

6. Bathing Can Balance Haywire Hormones

A lovely warm bath can raise levels of serotonin – the brain chemicals which envoke feelings of joy and happiness. Crack out your tealights and pop on some Enya – and bobs your uncle – you’ve got the next best thing to a large glass of fine wine and a head-massage.

7. Herbal Bath Salts Are The Bomb!

Bathing, with the addition of high-quality oils or salts, can be extremely beneficial. Developed to mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs; these gritty goodies can aid in skin repair, help alleviate the discomfort of lung problems and make your skin and hair luscious and soft! AND, who doesn’t love a bath bomb?! Especially when it turns your bath water fizzy, glittery and psychedelic!

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