2 Important Reasons To Book A Boiler Service Today

As industry professionals, we see lots of heating systems which haven’t had a regular boiler service – placing stress on the appliance, leading to unnecessary breakdowns.

Here at Glow Heating Services, we believe in the age-old proverb; prevention is better than the cure. Just like staying fit and healthy keeps your human body ticking along in perfect balance – your boiler needs regular servicing and TLC. However, it’s easy to take your boiler for granted, and with a hectic schedule, servicing and maintenance can fall by the wayside.

Gas boiler repair and servicing are essential to longevity and performance in your appliance. Not only does this guarantee it’s running safely and efficiently, but it also validates any manufacturer’s warranties.

At Glow, we provide a comprehensive boiler repair and service plan to keep your gas boiler running like an Olympian. Knowing first hand the pains (and shivers) involved with a surprise breakdown – we continually push our friends, family and customers to book in their servicing and prevent such chilly catastrophes.

Here are our tips and reasons for keeping your boiler serviced and maintained;

1. Servicing Your Boiler Keeps You Safe

We’ve all heard the Carbon Monoxide horror stories. Insidious in nature, the toxic gas is completely undetectable to the human senses – slipping out in the night like a silent assassin. Posing a genuine danger to anyone with a fuel-burning appliance – regular servicing is essential. Caring for your gas boiler ensures it is combusting fuel safely and efficiently, keeping you and your family safe, toasty and absolutely, most definitely alive. For total peace of mind, we’ll come and fit an alarm for you.

2. Servicing Your Boiler Saves You Cash

It’s good to remember that the cost of regularly maintaining your gas boiler is usually way less than the cost of repairing or replacing one which breaks down due to lack of care. Moreover, of all the appliances to neglect, your boiler will be most expensive to replace and, most upsetting to lose. Who wants a cold shower in the middle of winter? NOBODY, EVER!

So, When Should I Service My Boiler And How Much Will It Cost?

Funnily enough, the best time to service your boiler is during the summer, when you’d least expect it! Scheduling in an annual service during the warmer months means your gas boiler will be ready for action come winter.

And, What Does Boiler Service Entail?

A Glow Gas Safe engineer will carry out checks and tests to help ensure that your boiler is working safely, productively and efficiently and without fault. All of our friendly and highly-skilled engineers are Gas Safe registered.

Boiler servicing costs can vary across providers ranging from £60-100. Here at Glow heating services, we provide a one-off boiler service for just £69, and you don’t need to be a GlowPlus member to book. If we receive a cry for help, we’ll always strive to get to you ASAP; we hate the thought of you cold and stranded. What’s more, we’re passionate about transparency and trust, so we’ll always talk you through any necessary additional repairs. Keeping you warm and safe is our top priority.

In A Nutshell

Regular servicing and maintenance for your gas boiler mean no more panic moments in the dead of winter as your boiler clunk, clunk, clunks into a coma. Signing up to our GlowPlus Gold package takes away the stress of scheduling services and replacing parts – we’ll sort it all. GlowPlus Gold covers everything from internal plumbing and central heating systems to boilers and controls. Tailored specifically to you, it also includes unlimited callouts and offers super savings on services.

Ready to book?

Contact Glow on 01522 300744, and we’ll be happy to talk through your options and book you an appointment. We work across Lincolnshire, providing an industry-leading heating service at a local level.