Introducing Our Brilliant Boiler Cover Plan – GlowPlus Silver

Your boiler is one of the most important, and probably most taken for granted appliances in your home – surely deserved of a loving boiler cover plan. It heats your bubbly bathwater and keeps your radiators cranking through the bleakest of winters; it also keeps you snuggly and ensures your shower is piping hot and your laundry gets a proper wash. The last thing you want, especially when the mercury drops, is your boiler suffering a breakdown.

Here at Glow Heating Services, we come across many boilers which, sadly, fall into ruin due to accidental neglect, leaving their owners with astronomical repair costs. With a busy schedule, it’s easy to forget your gas boiler service, and for most people, particularly with families to support, these emergency repair payouts can be crippling.

Servicing – “prevention is better than cure.”

Many boiler breakdowns are completely avoidable. With regular servicing, your boiler will live a long and fruitful life – warming your toes and cleaning your clothes. Moreover, it will combust fuel safely and efficiently, and remain up to date with any manufacturer warranties. Gas boiler repair and servicing are essential to the performance of your appliance. Without proper maintenance, your boiler suffers unnecessary stress, leading to unfortunate and pricey breakdowns.

Introducing GlowPlus Silver Boiler Cover

To save you the headache of scheduling services, and prevent any situations where you might find yourself shivering in the cold, blue-lipped and desperately googling “how to repair boiler tube”, “or how to fix a boiler leak” – we’ve designed GlowPlus Silver boiler cover.

And it goes, a little something, like this! Broken boiler? No problemo! Sign up as a GlowPlus Silver customer, and for a flat £99 we’ll fix your boiler – whatever the problem. Following that, for a marvellous £24 per month, you receive total central heating cover all year round; this means ultimate boiler cover, unlimited callouts, priority response and complete peace of mind. 

Alternatively, your boiler isn’t broken but could do with an ‘MOT’; sign up as a GlowPlus Silver customer, and for £24 we’ll give your boiler the once over. And then, should you experience a breakdown, all repair work will be covered by your monthly subscription fee. That’s everything; parts, labour, call out and once again, total peace of mind.

GlowPlus cover means you’ll never have to worry again about booking a service, and if the worst should happen, we’ll be out to you in the quickest time possible (in most cases within 24 hours).

Glow customer service

At Glow, we’re passionate about customer service. We understand first hand, the inconvenience and discomfort a broken boiler can cause. For the elderly, or those with small children, a week, or even a few days without hot water and heating, in the depths of winter, could prove life-threatening.

Unlike the larger, corporate organisations, we’ll never leave you waiting a week for repair work. As a smaller company, we have the capacity, melded with the skills and expertise – to provide rapid response and next to none customer service. Dedicated to our clients, their safety and wellbeing – we pride ourselves on our personable approach, 0% broken promise rate, and excellent response times. 

Please feel free to contact us through our website, or on 01522 300744. We’ll be more than happy to arrange an appointment, offer helpful advice, or fawn over boilers together!