The UK’s Heating Industry – 2 Hopeful Innovations For The Future

You don’t need to be Greta Thunberg to understand the current climate crisis. With wildfires ravaging Australia and California, and deadly tropical typhoons in China, and killer heatwaves in Japan, and not to mention the ever-increasing and widespread flooding of our home – the call to action for the UK’s Heating Industry has never been more urgent.

Here at Glow heating Services, we keep a finger on the pulse when it comes to environmental responsibility and reform, and we’ll be championing the transition from natural gas to hydrogen. We’ll also be pushing forward to supply and install air source heat pumps.

We understand the challenges faced, but we’re ready for action when it comes to industry progression. With many positive alternatives emerging, we’re passionate about doing our bit, and making it quick! You can rest assured that when the alternative arrives – we’ll be the first to deliver.

In terms of a solution, for now, we advise that you simply keep your current boiler systems regularly serviced to maintain condition and energy efficiency.

A little history into the UK’s heating industry

Since the dawn of time, we’ve been powering our transport, residences and industry with fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Over time, fossil fuels have played a massive part in our evolution; enabling us to take giant steps forward in technology and economics.

However, it’s pretty common knowledge now, that these fuels have had their day. Just like Hitler, and Rolf Harris, what once seemed hip and fun, actually turned out to be pretty nasty. Not only are they running out – the long term effects of these fuels, and environmental impact on our climate is now a critical matter, concerning the entire world.

But what does this mean for the future of heat in the UK? If the UK is to reach its climate target of net zero emissions by 2050, drastic measures are required. Here are a couple of smart alternatives in the pipelines, and already happening across the country;

  • Hydrogen boilers

Very soon, hydrogen could be stepping in to heat homes and businesses across the country. And, with low or zero carbon emissions, it makes for an effective alternative.

When burning hydrogen, the only bi-products generated are water and heat with no carbon. Yes, that’s’ right, zero-carbon. Hooray! Captain Planet would be doing a happy dance. So, even if we used a blend of natural gas and hydrogen, our carbon footprint would shrink considerably.

Also, a hydrogen network – like a hermit crab – would fit snuggly into the same pipelines, fittings and boilers as natural gas, so investment in switching up the infrastructure would be minimal.

Moreover, 1kg of hydrogen contains the equivalent energy to 2.8kg of gasoline. That’s a LOT of energy.

So, why the HECK aren’t we all heating our homes with hydrogen?! I hear you cry. Because, as in most cases, money talks, and producing hydrogen in large enough quantities to meet demand is still pretty damn expensive.

Another factor to consider is the logistics of this emerging energy source. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that hydrogen installation will be possible in remote locations – so the oil used currently will continue to serve as the predominant fuel source.

The good news, however, is here at Glow we endeavour to reach ALL homeowners; so while some of the brightest minds on the planet are working to solve these challenges, we’re poised and ready for action!

  • Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps turn heat energy from the outside air into hot water and heat for homes. Running on electricity, they are astonishingly efficient – for every one unit of electricity used, they create three units of useful heat.

If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty – a brand new boiler is 90% efficient, which means that for every 1 unit of gas produced, only 0.9 units of useful heat occur. You do the maths.

Also, if you decide on a sexy new air source heat pump for your home, you’ll benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The RHI scheme could provide you with seven years of quarterly payments if you install renewable technology to heat your home. So your planet-saving new pump could – in the long run – pay for itself.


With new technologies and innovations emerging all the time, there’s a decidedly positive light surrounding the future of energy in the UK. Here at Glow, we’ll keep you updated on any changes and reforms on our behalf. Look out for any exciting news and updates from our dedicated team. For the time being, book in for a gas boiler service, and keep it regularly maintained for optimum energy efficiency.

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