What happens at a boiler service?

Just like cars, boilers need a little TLC to keep them ticking over efficiently. A yearly boiler service will certainly provide that necessary tender loving care. So what exactly happens during a boiler service and why do we really need to get them booked in?

Your annual service will begin with a Gas Safe engineer visiting your home and carrying out a visual inspection of your boiler. He or she will check that the boiler meets the necessary standards and look for any corrosion or leaks. The boiler casing will be removed and further in-depth checks will be made, checking that the main components are operating as they should. It’s important to note that the casing on a boiler should only ever be removed by a qualified engineer.

What does boiler service involve?

  • Boiler controls – without functioning controls you’ll lose the ability to turn your boiler on and off
  • Gas and pressure flow – this will ensure your boiler is operating at the correct gas rate
  • Main internal components – the heat exchanger is one of the most important parts of the boiler, as without it you boiler won’t be able to warm up your water
  • Flue gases – this is to check that no emissions leaving the appliance are at a safe level
  • Safety devices – your boiler has multiple safety devices. It’s important the gas valve is checked and also other valves such as the pressure relief isn’t corroded and is in working order
  • Electrical connections – dodgy connections will stop your boiler working and are potentially dangerous. We check all appliances have a suitable and working earthing
  • Water and gas pipework – making sure your pipework is fully functioning, visually compliant with regulations, whilst on the lookout for any potential leaks or issues
  • Seals – to ensure nothing leaks – prevention is better than the cure and an early spot can save £££
  • Filters – cleaning these will ensure the filter is restored to an empty chamber meaning any sludge or debris is collected before returning back to your boiler; protecting all those expensively priced parts
  • We go the extra mile and carry out an expansion vessel pressure check. It’s not industry standard to do this extra check, but a huge amount of boiler breakdowns are due to low pressure expansion vessels, so your boiler is less likely to breakdown in the future.

After cleaning your boiler and fixing the case back on, the engineer will leave a report with you so that you have evidence of a boiler service. This report will come in handy if you’re selling your home in the near future.

Why is a boiler service important?

Here are just a few reasons why you should get your boiler serviced every year:

Prevent breakdowns and big bills

If your boiler is ticking over perfectly, it can be easy to put off the service and save the £69. However, boiler services give engineers the chance to stop small problems developing into a large boiler repair bill. Who knows what’s under the casing? After all, present functionality of a boiler doesn’t guarantee longer term functionality.

Keep your heating bills low

As your boiler ages it loses efficiency which means it works harder to heat your home, in-turn costing you more money. A yearly service will make sure all components are in the best possible condition to help deliver a high level of efficiency for longer. We make slight adaptions where required or we dig deeper if needs be to ensure the appliance is working to the best of its ability.

Stay safe

As mentioned, an engineer will check all components to check they are safe – one of the most important being the flue releases to make sure that no dangerous emissions such as carbon monoxide are being discharged.

Keep your boiler warranty

Your boiler will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This will only stay valid if you get your boiler serviced each year by a Gas Safe engineer.

How much does boiler service cost?

Your boiler service with Glow in Lincoln will cost just £69.

Boiler service near me

To book in for your gas boiler service simply call us on 01522 300744. And if you’re wondering who to call for boiler repair, call Glow; we repair boilers too.