Case study – a boiler installation in Lincoln

Here at Glow Heating Services, we provide a first-class service to homeowners in Lincolnshire and we only install the most energy efficient conventional boilers. One of our most recent customers, Alex Gillingwater, had the inconvenient situation of his boiler continually breaking down and so approached us for a quote. Like most customers, Alex shopped around for boiler installation quotes from many boiler companies across Lincoln. We were thrilled when Alex chose Glow Heating Services!

So what made him choose Glow? Well, we caught up with Alex to see how he was getting on after the installation and here’s what he had to say, “I chose Glow because I was impressed by the professionalism of Jack at the initial visit and he was able to provide a quote straight away.”

We explained all the types of boilers available to Alex and recommended the ATAG 18kw System boiler. We felt upgrading the system to a pressurised one would improve system performance and efficiency. Not only is the ATAG boiler one of the best boiler brands on the market, but it is powerful enough to cope with the heat and water demands of the customer’s busy household.

What we did – boiler installation in Lincoln

As with all installations, we started the job as we do all boiler jobs; by putting on protective shoes and laying down protective sheets to ensure the customer’s home was left clean and tidy.

We had the challenge of upgrading the system and appliance to an ATAG 18kw System boiler from a heat-only vented system. We set about removing the current boiler and then made the necessary adjustments in the airing cupboard to upgrade the system to a pressurised system. We then fitted the new boiler in the same location. We had a slight hiccup of a burst expansion vessel, but it didn’t delay the job and we worked to stay on track. Next we flushed out the system to ensure the system’s water was left as clean as possible, and then added inhibitor to help prevent any debris causing damage to the new boiler.

Alex’s new boiler, as with all boilers installed by GlowPlus, came with these benefits:

  • 10 year warranty
  • System filter
  • Shock arrestor (on combination boilers)
  • Scale protection (on combination boilers)
  • Powerflush
  • Hive controller
  • Water quality certification

After care

Once the new boiler was fully installed and the relevant pipework completed, we commissioned the new system to ensure everything was working as it should. We then cleared up and made sure the customer’s property was left clean and tidy. Job done!

We completed a handover with Alex to make sure he was informed as much as possible to operate the boiler correctly, use the controls and understand the basic maintenance that every customer should carry out on their central heating, such as topping the pressure up in the system and bleeding a radiator.

Going the extra mile

After a couple of weeks we had a call from Alex who had a question about some of the new controls on his boiler. We were happy to assist Alex and we’re pleased to say he was really impressed with our aftercare service. Alex commented: “I’m really pleased with the overall service and the responsiveness to questions since.”

Alex added: “I would definitely recommend Glow to friends and family. They were very quick to respond to communications and everything was well explained. A professional job was done on the day despite a burst expansion vessel. Jack is clearly very knowledgeable and acts with integrity. I hope his business goes from strength to strength.”

Glow owner Jack McGovern commented: “I’m really pleased Alex is satisfied with the service from Glow. Aftercare is so important to us and is all part of the full service from Glow. We’d never leave a customer without the full knowledge of how to work their boiler and how to care for it properly. And if they ever have any questions post-installation, we’re always happy to assist.” 

If you’re in need of a new boiler then don’t hesitate to get in touch. And don’t forget, we now offer 0% finance on installations, so you can stay cosy whilst spreading the cost! Call 01522 300744 to make an inquiry.