Why We Use Condensate Pro?

To provide top-quality installations, expert engineering is needed. But the other half of the battle is having a quality product to work with. At Glow we always search for the best on the market, and in doing so we’ve found that condensate pipe suppliers differ in quality, which has the potential to make the installation process tricky for engineers.

Glow founder, Jack McGovern comments: “There are 100s of thousands (potentially millions) of externally routed condensate pipes with substandard unprotected pipework because of the lack of options available to installers. The heating industry has been turning a blind eye to poorly protected condensate pipes and not facing up to the facts. But we’ve found a solution with Condensate Pro. Condensate Pro is a progressive and professional company with an unrivalled product. And they provide a great solution to a growing problem.”

Jack continues: “We’re one severely cold winter away from widespread breakdowns due to frozen condensate pipes. Condensate Pro’s product has the capability to change peoples’ opinion on what a ‘proper’ condensate installation looks like. And why wouldn’t you install a boiler to withstand the severest of conditions? After all that’s when you need it most.”

Here are 5 essential facts about condensate pipes:

Modern boilers can’t run without a condensate pipe

A condensate pipe takes wastewater away from your boiler and all modern condensing boilers need a condensate pipe to run to a drain. There’s no other way around it. That’s why at Glow, we don’t just think about the boiler. We match a quality boiler with a quality condensate pipe, giving you the best solution available.

Condensate pipes will freeze when exposed to elements

Around 15% of boiler breakdowns occur in January. When outside pipes are exposed to extreme cold temperatures they can freeze, causing your heating to stop working and potentially flooding your home. At Glow Heating Services in Lincoln, we choose Condensate Pro for your condensate pipe because it can be -20 degrees outside for up to 17 hours and their pipes won’t freeze.

Condensate pipes need to run independently

Lots of condensates are terminated internally into the waste pipe, which then leaves the property, externally. This pipework is usually not insulated and is just as liable to freezing. People can be hesitant to insulate their condensate pipes because they think it will make their homes look unsightly. Condensate Pro raises a case for all condensate pipework to be run independently to the point of termination. It combines aesthetics and protection in one, making an outside pipe unperishable and pretty! Their pipes come with neat, pre-attached insulation that fits securely.

They’re an essential part of your installation

This means that you’ll want one that will last. Condensate Pro uses top quality materials that are weather-resistant, UV resistant and long-lasting.

It can be a lengthy process

Installing a condensate pipe on a wet, cold day isn’t easy when you need to use cement and sand to complete the job. But with Condensate Pro, the condensate pipes are insulated ‘out of the box’ and ready-to-use with no need for messy cement. This means with Condensate Pro we’ll get your installation done much quicker.

Jack McGovern concludes: “Condensates should be a part of the job that engineers are proud to put their name to and not something that takes a back seat to a shiny, newly installed boiler. At Glow, we make sure that both aspects of an installation are given equal importance.”

We trust and invest in quality craftsmanship and industry-leading products to provide the best solution for our customers. Trust in Glow Heating Services in Lincoln to manage your boiler installation from start to finish. Contact us on 01522 300744 to get started.