Should I repair or replace my boiler?

When you have boiler trouble it can be hard to figure out what to do for the best. Should you have the boiler repaired, pay for boiler cover or replace the boiler completely? To help you make your decision, we’ve put together some information on costs and situations for all of your options to prevent you replacing a working boiler sooner than necessary.

Boiler repair in Lincoln

Water pressure issues

If you’re having water pressure issues and have tried to solve them yourself following the tips on our how to check your boiler pressure blog, and still can’t fix it then you’ll probably need to call out an engineer.

Radiators aren’t heating

If your radiators aren’t heating, you might just need to bleed your radiators. You can do this yourself by following our step-by-step guide. If you’ve followed the steps but your radiators still aren’t heating then it’s best to contact an engineer. He or she may need to carry out a powerflush on your boiler. This will remove any debris that has collected in your boiler over the years. It’ll be more cost-effective than replacing the boiler.

Low-cost boiler problems

Your boiler may not require something as significant as a powerflush, but it may need small, low-cost fixes that will get your boiler up and running again. These can be things such as a replacement pressure relief valve, automatic air vent or a new ignition that ignites the main flame on your boiler. It’s worth having an engineer come to diagnose the problem before shelling out for a new boiler.

Boiler cover in Lincoln

5+ years old or out of warranty

As with most appliances, when your boiler ages, it will need some TLC to help it along. That’s why boiler cover is a great option. With monthly boiler cover, you’ll be covered for any repairs and you’ll receive an annual boiler service within your costs. Glow boiler cover starts at just £12/month. A new boiler on the other hand starts at around £1800+

Infact, we currently have a great deal that will solve your boiler problem for just £99! We’ll fix your boiler for just £99 (including parts and labour) following sign up to GlowPlus Silver boiler cover at £24/month.

Replacement boiler in Lincoln

Heavy corrosion

If your boiler isn’t serviced regularly, debris and impurities can build up causing corrosion in your boiler. Signs of internal corrosion can be visible through rust on the seams and outer casing of your boiler. It’s almost impossible to reverse the damage caused by rust and corrosion, so it may be best to replace your boiler.

Poor combustion

If you have soot in your boiler or your pilot light keeps going out it’s a sign that your boiler has poor combustion. If this is the case, a Gas Safe engineer may condemn your boiler and suggest a replacement.

Glow Heating Services in Lincoln will talk you through your best option. Contact us on 01522 300744 to book an engineer’s visit.