What to do if you need boiler repair work

When winter’s here, there’s nothing more inconvenient than a dodgy boiler. Here’s some helpful advice on boiler repair and what to do if your boiler stops working. If you don’t feel confident carrying out any of the below tasks yourself, then book one of our engineers to help.

Some of the tips below may seem simplistic, but it’s worth checking through the list before booking an engineer to take a look.

  • Check your gas, electric and water supply is turned on
  • Double check that your thermostat is turned up
  • Check that the pressure gauge on your boiler is at around bar 1-2. You’ll find it on the front panel of your boiler. For more help, take a look at our blog on checking your boiler pressure gauge
  • If your boiler system has a pilot light, check it hasn’t gone out
  • Check the boiler timer is set to the right time
  • Set your heating to come on in full in 15 minutes – if there’s been a power cut recently, your central heating timer might have returned to its factory settings so you’ll need to reset it
  • Check your boiler manual to reset your boiler.
  • Check your boiler manual to turn the boiler on and off. The switch should be in an airing cupboard.
  • If it’s been very cold, the condensate pipe of your boiler can freeze, so check if it’s frozen. To help thaw your frozen condensate pipe, take a look at our blog here.

What if I’ve got GlowPlus boiler cover and I need boiler repair?

GlowPlus cover provides boiler cover for Lincoln and the wider area. If you have GlowPlus cover and your heating isn’t working, give us a call and we’ll be out to you straightaway.

What if I haven’t got GlowPlus boiler cover and I need boiler repair?

Whatever the boiler problem, we can fix it as a one-off boiler fix at our standard price – with no hidden costs or extras unless we need to order extra parts or make another visit. For boiler repair in Lincoln and the wider area, check out our boiler repair service page for details.

Alternatively, we’re currently running a great offer where we will fix your boiler for just £99 (including parts and labour – prices vary over Christmas and Bank Holidays) following sign-up to our GlowPlus Silver boiler cover. Ts & Cs apply. Just give us a call on 01522 300744 for more information.

At Glow Heating Services, we provide boiler repair in Lincoln and the wider area. So if you’ve tried the helpful tips above and still have no joy, then don’t hesitate to contact us.