6 ways to stay warm if your boiler needs repairing

There’s nothing worse than a broken boiler, especially in the winter. Whilst you’re sitting tight until a Gas Safe engineer comes out to you, there are several steps you can take to keep yourself warm if your heating has stopped working.

How to stay warm when your boiler is broken:

  1. Layer up: To be in with the best chance of staying warm, add some extra layers of clothing. Each layer will insulate your body and prevent body heat from escaping. Think coats, hats, scarfs, and gloves, and don’t forget the all-important blanket.
  2. Shut window and doors: Heat escapes through windows and doors, so keep them shut. Get draft excluders or put towels at the bottom of your doors to stop the cold from getting in and the heat escaping. It’s a good idea to close curtains too, but if the sun is shining, make sure you keep your curtains open because even the winter sun can help add some heat to your home.
  3. Stay active: OK, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind, but it will work wonders for increasing your body heat – and just think of those extra steps you’ll be getting in!
  4. Eat warm food: Nothing is more comforting and warming than a hearty winter meal, especially when your heating isn’t working. How about simply making yourself a brew? Holding a hot mug of tea will certainly keep your hands warm.
  5. Use an electric heater: Electric heaters can be expensive but they provide a good source of heat when your central heating is broken. Keep windows and doors shut before turning on your electric heater and only heat the rooms that are necessary.
  6. Fill up a hot water bottle: Stay toasty with a hot water bottle. You’ll be surprised at the level of heat they give out! Keep one close to you and put one in your bed before bedtime. They give off so much heat and provide a very low-cost way of keeping you warm.

If your central heating is broken and needs a Gas Safe engineer to help fix it, then please contact us. Whatever the boiler issue, we’ll get it up and running as a one-off boiler fix at our standard price. There are no hidden costs or extras unless we need to order extra parts or make another visit. For boiler repair in Lincoln, check out our boiler repair service page for more information.