How to thaw a frozen condensate pipe

The winter months bring certain property maintenance concerns that all homeowners need to be aware of. When the temperature drops, one major issue that could come up is a frozen condensate pipe. The first indication that your boiler condensate pipe is frozen will usually be that you have no hot water and heating. But before you call out a heating engineer, it’s best to see if your condensate pipe has frozen.

Your boiler’s condensate pipe will run directly into a drain, in most cases externally to your property. And if this pipe gets blocked (frozen with ice) then your boiler will shut down as a safety measure.

Here’s what to do if your condensate pipe has frozen:

1. The first thing you’ll want to do is to locate the condensate pipe.

The condensate pipe is a diagonal plastic pipe, running along the side of your house. The pipe should run to the outside of your home into a drain.

2. Next, Locate the frozen section/s

This is usually visible by seeing frost and ice gathered in certain sections of the pipe.

3. Doubting yourself?

If you’re not comfortable with locating the thawed parts and feel a Gas Safe professional would be better suited, then don’t hesitate to call Glow Heating services on 01522 300744

4. Prepare warm water

Prepare some warm to hot water and transfer it to a suitable, safe container that’s easy to carry. It’s important you don’t use boiling water, as this can damage the pipe.

5. Pour on the warm to hot water

Pour the water over the section/s of the pipe that are frozen. And then pour the water onto flat sections or elbows, where frozen water may have gathered.

6. Water should leave the pipe

Listen and watch for the water leaving the pipe. You should hear a trickling noise once the frozen water has thawed.

7.  Can’t see of hear water leaving the pipe?

If you haven’t seen any movement of water then apply a hot water bottle to the pipe and leave it resting on it for some time.

8. Reset your boiler

All thawed? Then it’s time to reset your boiler. Be sure to reset it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, found in your manual.