Step-by-step guide to boiler installation

If you’re having a new boiler installed, or simply curious as to what the process involves, here’s a step-by-step guide to a boiler installation in your home.

Choosing your boiler

Having a new boiler installed is a big decision. Do you opt for combi or conventional? And what brand do you go for? Well, we’ll always advise on the best possible route for your home and household, but there are three main factors that have a bearing on the type of boiler you choose and how much it will cost:

  1. How much water do you use?

If you live in a large family home, you’re likely to have higher water usage than a single occupant in a small flat. Generally, conventional boilers are better suited for busy households with higher water demands, and combis are best for lower water usage.

  1. How much space do you have?

If you don’t have much space in your home, combi boilers are a good option as they don’t require a hot water cylinder.

  1. Where do you want the boiler to live?

For ease of installation and minimal disruption to your home, it’s best to have your new boiler fitted in the same place as the old one. As long as it has the correct pipework and you can position the flue correctly, you can place it in almost any room, but most people opt for kitchens or cupboards.

If you want some more information on choosing the right boiler, take a look at our blog; What’s the right boiler for me.

Receiving a quote for your boiler installation in Lincolnshire

Next, you’ll receive a quote. The overall cost of the boiler and installation will depend on the boiler, system type and location in your home.

Gas safe engineer in Lincoln

So you’ve chosen your boiler and agreed on the quote. Now you need an engineer. All Glow engineers are highly experienced, Gas Safe registered. You should only use a Gas Safe engineer to carry out your installation.

Installing the boiler

  1. We’ll cover your floors, carpets and surfaces to ensure we leave no trace. We’ll work with efficiency, bringing all the right materials and tools with us to ensure we don’t overrun and cause you unnecessary inconvenience.
  2. We understand you lead a busy life, so you don’t need to be there for the installation. Just give us access to your home and we’ll crack on.
  3. If it’s a straightforward swap, you can expect us to be done within a day or two. But if you’re changing boiler type or it’s a much older boiler system this can sometimes prolong the installation.
  4. Once it’s installed we’ll test the boiler and all radiators to check it’s working as it should. We’ll need to talk you through the new boiler controls once we’re satisfied with the install, so be sure to check back home once we’re done. (We’ll let you know in advance.)

Take a look at a recent boiler installation we carried out a customer’s home in Lincoln. It’s time-lapsed for your convenience…

What happens after the boiler installation?

Aside from your boiler’s warranty, you also have the peace of mind of our guarantee. We guarantee to fix any faulty work that we’ve carried out, and repair or replace any faulty parts we’ve supplied for 12 months from the date that we carried out the work. This means that in the unlikely event that any mistakes have been made we’ll be out to fix it for free.

And that’s it!

Want to talk your boiler options through?

Choosing a boiler is a big decision. Give Glow a call on (01522) 300744 to talk it through.