Gas Safe heating engineer – a day in the life

Here’s a day in the life of Jack McGovern, our Gas Safe heating engineer.

As you know, at Glow Heating Services we service, repair and install boilers across Lincolnshire. As part of those repairs we often attend to boilers that need a powerflush. Last week I attended a boiler that wasn’t performing efficiently. The radiators weren’t heating properly, causing the customer to have to heat the house for longer, at a higher temperature. There was only one thing for it; I recommended a powerflush to resolve the situation.

As your boiler and central heating system ages, it’s sometimes unavoidable that rust will form within your boiler, pipework and radiators. This rust and other substances are commonly referred to as ‘sludge’ in the heating world – sludge that needs to be ‘flushed’ out.

Whilst the customer kindly made me a lovely cuppa, (it’s thirsty work) I started by draining the system and making pipework alterations to aid the system circulation. I then circulated F3 cleaning chemical around the heating system for two hours to break down the dirt inside the system. Next, I flushed each radiator individually including the boiler. During a power flush, water is sent rapidly through the system to extract debris, limescale and sludge. After powerflushing, I then drained the system again and then put inhibitor into it to help preserve the ongoing water quality.

So what was the result? We preserved the life of the boiler, and most importantly, all of the customer’s radiators heated efficiently.

Sludge in your system could cause severe blockages and damage, leading to a costly breakdown to repair, so it’s important to get a powerflush to maintain your boiler.

And after the powerflush? I swung by a GlowPlus customer’s home in Lincoln to attend to a boiler issue. The customer had no heating or hot water and we resolved the problem, all within our 24hour response time. Happy days!

At Glow our philosophy and values are simple, and we deliver them on a daily basis. Honesty, knowledge and ambition. We’re ambitious because we care about the level of service we give. We’re knowledgeable because we care about the safety of our customers. And we’re honest because simply that’s the best way to be.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your boiler needs.