Get set for autumn with Hive

Is your Hive heating all set for cosy autumn nights?

When you get in from work, on a wet and chilly day, the last thing you want is to walk into a cold home. If only there was a way you could set your heating to come on exactly when and how you want? Well with Hive there is! Hive enables you to control your heating straight from your phone, deciding when you want your heating on and off and what temperature you want it set to.

Here’s how to set your Hive perfectly for autumn

  1. Choose a cool evening and turn on your Hive Active Heating in manual mode, then set to 22°C
  2. Turn up your radiators and keep your heating on for an hour
  3. After an hour, check that your boiler has come on and that all your radiators are heating up
  4. If everything’s working then you’re all set to get cosy with Hive!

Can your standard central heating timer do the same as Hive?

In a nutshell, it doesn’t.  Of course with a regular timer you can set the time and temperature, but it doesn’t give you the fabulous flexibility that Hive does. Perhaps you’re working late in the office or taking an unexpected trip to the gym, resulting in you coming home a lot later than usual. If you’ve set your heating to come on at 5pm and you’re home at 8pm, you’ll be paying for three hours of wasted heating. That can get costly. With Hive, you eliminate that risk.

Here are the benefits of Hive:

  • Easy and convenient to use
  • You can pause and resume your normal schedule – so it’s great for when you’re on holiday
  • With Hive you can personalise your heating – setting different schedules
  • Want to say in bed a little longer on cold winter days? Just turn the heating up straight from your bed
  • A Hive thermostat is smart, stylish and compact
  • With Geolocation alerts, it recognises when you’re near home, so it knows when to turn your heating on
  • It saves you money – keeping the heating off when not needed
  • There’s no need to switch your service – Hive Active Heating works with your existing boiler and energy supplier
  • A Hive thermostat works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So, if your hands are full and you can’t tap the app, just say “Alexa, turn the heating off”.

If you’re interested in having Hive Active Heating installed into your home, giving you total control of your heating, simply contact us today. Glow’s Gas Safe Registered heating engineers have installed Hive across many homes in Lincoln and the surrounding area, so we’re know a thing or two about smart heating. Glow heating services in Lincoln is always happy to help!